Chapter 4: Construction Details, Section 22: Finishing Roadway

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Published: August 2019

Section 22 Finishing Roadway

4-2201 General

Section 22, “Finishing Roadway,” of the Standard Specifications describes the requirements for the final cleanup operation within project limits and the right-of-way, so that the completed project, upon acceptance, will be neat, presentable, and functional, as required by the Standard Specifications. The work required under this section should not be mistaken for clearing and grubbing activities.

Finishing activities include such work as grading slopes and contour areas to remove vehicle tracks; obliterating haul roads; removing debris from the pavement; removing trash and debris generated by construction activities; cleaning out culverts; cleaning culvert markers, guideposts, and signs; removing construction stakes and lath that present an unsightly appearance; and disposal of the material resulting from the finishing roadway activities. 

The contractor may request and be authorized to dispose of soil and rock generated by the finishing activities within the project limits and right-of-way. Disposal of soil and rock along the roadway should not be allowed if it will affect the overall grading or functionality of the roadway.

4-2202 During the Course of Work

During the course of work, take the following steps:

  • As portions of the work near completion, review the site and begin noting items of finishing roadway to be performed.
  • To be economical and help prevent delays in completing the contract, encourage the contractor to finish work as it progresses.
  • Verify that the finishing operations do not result in material stockpiling on or drifting across the finished pavement.
  • If an “illegal dumping” event occurs, as provided in Section 14-10, “Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling,” of the Standard Specifications, write a change order to pay as extra work at force account for cleanup and disposal of the illegal dumping. The change order should be checked as “Non-participating.” Calculate an estimate adequate to cover the current event plus multiple future events. Take a picture and note contents of the illegal dumping before it is removed so that duplicative payments may be avoided.
  • Keep a list of the cleanup details, and add to and subtract from the list as new details develop or are completed. During the project’s latter stages when final cleanup operations can normally begin, give the contractor a written details list so the contractor can plan to complete the list in an orderly and efficient manner. Do not wait until the date the contractor requests contract acceptance before pointing out these details.
  • If the contractor requests relief from maintenance and responsibility, as provided in Section 5-1.38, “Maintenance and Protection Relief,” of the Standard Specifications, verify that the contractor has completed all the finishing roadway activities.
  • Check that measures for permanent erosion control are installed as soon as finishing roadway activities are completed.

4-2203 Level of Inspection

The suggested level of inspection for finishing roadway work activities is intermittent inspection.

4-2204 Payment

In the daily report, record the activities the contractor performs to complete the finishing roadway item. Carefully segregate the finishing roadway work from the work required to complete other items of work.

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