Chapter 3: General Provisions, Section 3: Contract Award and Execution

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Published: July 2019

Section 3 Contract Award and Execution

3-301 General

Section 3, “Contract Award and Execution,” of the Standard Specifications outlines the requirements for award and execution of the contract.

The Division of Engineering Services-Office Engineer (DES-OE), Awards Unit, prepares and processes the documents necessary to award or reject a project. Districts recommend award of the contract or rejection of bids.

Construction is responsible for administration of the contract and generally assumes this responsibility at the time of award. Section 3-803A, “Work Before Contract Approval,” of this manual covers administrative details.

3-302 District Recommendation

Section 14, “District Recommendation for Award/Requests to Reject Bids,” of the Ready to List and Construction Contract Award Guide, describes the district recommendation procedure in detail, including questions to ask contractors.

The district must not reveal the award recommendation to any contractor or external agency or entity until DES-OE makes the final award decision. DES-OE will inform the contractor of Caltrans’ decision.