California Statewide Crude Oil Price Index

State Of California
Department Of Transportation
Division Of Construction
P.O. Box 942873, Sacramento, Ca 94273-0001
California Statewide Crude Oil Price Index

Date Price Index
Jan-18 343.3
Feb-18 373.7
Mar-18 359.6
Apr-18 359.9
May-18 382.7
Jun-18 409.6
Jul-18 404.0
Aug-18 407.6
Sep-18 386.8
Oct-18 414.0
Nov-18 427.9
Dec-18 354.30
Jan-19 305.8
Feb-19 321.0
Mar-19 346.2
Apr-19 365.5
May-19 390.1
Jun-19 380.5
Jul-19 345.5
Aug-19 353.7
Sep-19 329.7
Oct-19 339.9
Nov-19 331.7
Dec-19 346.8
Jan-20 359.4
Feb-20 350.5
Mar-20 297.3


May-20  109.0
Jun-20  155.9
Jul-20  214.8
Aug-20  227.8
Sep-20  233.1
Oct-20  218.8
Nov-20  217.0


Feb-21 298.8
Apr-21  360.0 

This Index is to be used for calculating payment adjustments for paving asphalt under special provisions section "Payment Adjustments for Price Index Fluctuations" in those projects containing the section. The index values are to be used in both US Customary and metric projects. Unit adjustment is included in the formulas as shown in the special provisions.

The California Statewide Crude Oil Price Index is determined each month on or about the third business day of the month by the Department using the average of the posted crude oil prices in effect for the previous month as posted by Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and ConocoPhillips for the Buena Vista and Midway Sunset fields.