State Highway System Management Plan

Assembly Bill 515 requires submission of the draft State Highway System Management Plan (SHSMP) to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) by February 15th and the final SHSMP to the Governor and Legislature by June 1st of odd years.

The SHSMP presents a performance-driven and integrated management plan for the State Highway System (SHS) in California.  SHS needs, investments, and resulting performance for the 10-year period are presented in the SHSMP.  The SHSMP is organized to align with the California Department of Transportation Strategic Plan.

The SHSMP integrates the maintenance, rehabilitation, and operation of the SHS into a single management plan which implements a number of state and federal asset management requirements with new resources from California Senate Bill 1 (SB 1).  The SHSMP operationalizes the California Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) by utilizing the CTC-adopted asset classes, performance measures, and performance targets as defined in California Senate Bill 486.

The SHSMP utilizes objective analysis to focus investments on measured condition and performance objectives.  The historic asset-based funding approach has been replaced by a performance-driven methodology that provides greater local flexibility to achieve multiple objectives within a single project.

The new management methodology allows Caltrans to better integrate multi-modal transportation options into traditional rehabilitation work to provide a cost-effective way to expand mode choice and reduce transportation-related emission.

The approved 2021 SHSMP (June 2021) is available for download:  2021 State Highway System Management Plan (June 2021) (PDF)   

The approved 2023 SHSMP is now available for download: 

2023 State Highway System Management Plan (PDF)

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