Asset Management Performance Report (Asset Management Plan – Phase 1)

TAMP Guidelines


In June, 2017, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopted TAMP Guidelines to implement the provisions of SB486 and SB1 and expanded the asset class requirements beyond the federal requirements. Federal requirements describe components to be applied to pavement and bridge asset classes on the National Highway System (NHS). SB 486 is clear in its requirement the State's TAMP contemplate analysis for all asset classes within the State Highway System (SHS).

Guidelines for the TAMP (PDF)

Asset Management Plan - Phase 1


The California Government Code section (14526) modified by Senate Bill 486 requires Caltrans to submit Phase 1 of the asset management plan in conjunction with the 2016 SHOPP. This report is provided to meet the Phase 1 requirement of the TAMP.

Caltrans Asset Management Performance Report provides an overview of activities accomplished in 2015 related to the implementation of asset management and key activities planned for 2016.

The Asset Management Performance Report also provides the first State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Performance Report addressing the expected performance of the four core asset classes; pavement, bridges, culverts and intelligent transportation system (ITS) elements resulting from the 2016 SHOPP project portfolio.

2016 Asset Management Performance Report (PDF)