National Highway System Performance and Financial Data

Caltrans has prepared performance and financial data sets to help support local agencies in assessing the location and condition of their National Highway System (NHS) pavement and bridges, and to investigate financial data reported by cities and counties to the State Controller's Office (SCO) informing current and future NHS investments. This data changes regularly due to the completion of transportation related projects, and the information provided here is based on the 2019 data analyzed by Caltrans HQ Office of Asset Management as part of the 2022 TAMP Workshop Series.  Although Caltrans makes every effort to provide useful and accurate information, we do not claim that it is authoritative or complete.  Information provided on this webpage is provided on an "as-is" basis and an "as available" basis.  It is expected to be updated in the next few months to support the latest inventory and condition data submitted to FHWA and SCO in 2021.

Accessibility Assistance: Caltrans makes every attempt to ensure our documents are accessible. Due to variances between accessible technologies, there may be portions of the documents provided which are not accessible. Should you need additional assistance, please contact our Caltrans accessibility helpdesk at (916) 654-2852 or Request ADA Compliant Documents online.

NHS Data Packages Include:

Inventory and Condition:

  • County Level NHS map of pavement and bridge assets and conditions (in PDF)
  • NHS pavement and bridge assets (GIS shapefile data)
  • NHS pavement and bridge assets and condition by region (source data: HPMS & NBI) (in XLSX)

For more information on NHS inventory and condition, refer to FHWA website:

Financial Data (Coming Soon)

For additional reporting of financial expenditures to align with federal work types:

Data Packages by Region:

Butte (BCAG)

Fresno (FCOG)

Glenn (CTC)

Humboldt (CAG)

Kern (KCOG)

Kings (KCAG)

Lassen (CTC)

Madera (MCTC)

Merced (MCAG)

Metropolitan (MTC)

Monterey (AMBAG)

Sacramento (SACOG)

San Diego (SANDAG)

San Joaquin (SJCOG)

San Luis Obispo (SLOCOG)

Santa Barbara (SBCAG)

Shasta (SRTA)

Southern California (SCAG)

Stanislaus (STANCOG)

Tahoe (TMPO)

Tulare (TCAG)