Airport Improvement Program Matching Grant

Before applying for an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Matching Grant, the project must be included in the most recently adopted Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Projects not included in the current CIP are ineligible for State funding as cited in the California Code of Regulations Title 21, Division 2.5, Chapter 4 Article 3 Section 4062.1. In addition to this, per section 4059, “projects that have started or have been completed prior to State allocation are ineligible.”

The State AIP Matching Rate is 5.0 percent of the federal grant. Once a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AIP Grant has been executed, the sponsoring agency may apply to the State for an AIP matching grant. Grants are processed in the order received and awarded until all funds are fully exhausted. Depending upon the number of grant applications received, processing time can range from two to three weeks.

To ensure the project remains eligible for a matching grant, do not begin the project prior to a notice to proceed from the State.

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code, Sections 21681-21684 and Section 4067 of the California Aid to Airports Program (CAAP) Regulations, the AIP Matching application package must include:

AIP Matching Grant Disbursement Request

To request an AIP Matching Grant disbursement, please provide the following:

  • Airport Improvement Program Matching Grant Disbursement Request Form - DOA-0021 (PDF)
  • Each FAA Form 271/270. This is the form used to request payment from the FAA. For each FAA payment, there should be a corresponding billing document. If you do not use the 271/270 form, the contractor invoice summary and/or any other documents provided to the FAA are required.
  • Proof of funds received from the FAA. This may be a bank statement or journal report from the sponsor’s accounting system. Relevant payments should be highlighted for easy reconciliation.
  • A high-level summary of each of the FAA claims. This should include at a minimum the FAA claim numbers and corresponding amounts of reimbursement (Grant Summary for FAA Claims – Sample [PDF]).

Please submit your application or payment request via email