Caltrans Launches Digital Map Highlighting More than 300 Clean California Projects Transforming Communities Across the State


A map of the state of California with "Clean CA" Circles showing locations of Clean CA projects around the state.

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Interactive features allow users to locate, view, and learn more about beautification efforts


SACRAMENTO – Just ahead of national infrastructure week, Caltrans today launched a new interactive map that spotlights hundreds of beautification projects funded by Clean California. The geographic information system (GIS) mapping tool offers users location-specific, multilayered data that demonstrates the transformative impact these community-focused improvements and infrastructure investments are making throughout the state. 


The map lists 319 projects statewide, powered by $643 million in funding from Clean California, Governor Gavin Newsom’s sweeping $1.2 billion multiyear effort led by Caltrans to clean up, reclaim, transform and beautify public spaces statewide. Nearly all projects benefit underserved communities.

“Clean California projects are boosting community pride and making hundreds of neighborhoods safer, cleaner and healthier places to live. This new digital application gives Californians a comprehensive list of beautification sites across the state and where their important infrastructure dollars are being invested.”

Tony Tavares, Caltrans Director
Using the new GIS mapping tool, users can search projects by county, city, zip code or address to locate completed or active Clean California projects in their area. The projects are color-coded based on project type, such as local grant projects, beautification projects, or local transit partnership projects. Each entry also includes a detailed project description, cost and government agency responsible for leading the effort.  
Clean California funds infrastructure projects in the following three categories: 
Local Grant Projects (147 total): These diverse, community-based projects are led by local governments, tribes, and transit agencies that focus on beautification, community clean-up and enhancing shared spaces. Supported activities include graffiti removal, illegal dumping prevention, and the installation of trash cans to improve parks, streetscapes and other public areas. Local project partners often contribute a portion of the overall budget. 
State Beautification Projects (153): Led by Caltrans, these projects are designed to improve aesthetic appeal, public safety and environmental quality of public spaces and roadsides on the state highway system. Elements include gateway monuments, landscaping upgrades, new fencing and lighting fixtures, public art and mural installations, and updated signage.  
Local Transit Partnership Projects (19): These projects represent collaborations with local transit agencies to enhance public transit infrastructure, prioritize features that improve travel for people who walk and bike, promote equity and community usership, and implement sustainable practices.

Watch this short video demonstrating the GIS Mapping tool: 

Clean CA Digital Mapping Tool


Since launching Clean California in July 2021, Caltrans and its local partners have picked up more than 2.3 million cubic yards of litter – enough to fill about 700 Olympic-size swimming pools. This represents a substantial increase compared to the department’s previous trash collection efforts and can largely be attributed to Clean California, along with other Caltrans litter removal efforts. Caltrans has hosted more than 500 free dump days in communities throughout the state – resulting in the collection of 12,000-plus mattresses and nearly 50,000 tires. The initiative has drawn more than 10,000 community clean-up volunteers and created 15,000 jobs, including positions for individuals who were formerly incarcerated, on probation, or experiencing housing insecurity.
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