California Invests $589 Million for Transportation Improvements


Senate Bill 1 provides $302 million of funding

SACRAMENTO – The California Transportation Commission (CTC) this week allocated $589 million for projects to repair and improve transportation infrastructure throughout the state. Senate Bill (SB) 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, accounts for $302 million – more than half of the funding.

“This investment follows our ‘fix-it-first’ commitment to repair California’s aging infrastructure, while at the same time increasing transit and active transportation options. These projects will make our transportation system safer and more convenient for all users and create thousands of good paying jobs in the process.”

Toks Omishakin, Caltrans Director

Projects approved today include:

Contact: Manny Machado
Phone: (707) 496-6879

  • Approximately $1.3 M toward pavement, guardrail, and retaining wall upgrades on U.S. 101 near Crescent City in Humboldt County.
  • Approximately $11.7 M toward improvements at Pudding Creek Bridge No.10-0158 on Route 1 in Mendocino County.
  • Approximately $1.1 M toward pavement, and guardrail upgrades on Route 1 from Philo Greenwood Road to north of Little Lake Road near Mendocino.
  • Approximately $859,000 toward pavement and guardrail upgrades on Route 1 from north of Rockport Street to U.S. 101 near Leggett in Mendocino County.
  • Approximately $4.1 M toward a multi-purpose paved trail along Route 162 in Covelo in Mendocino County.

    Contact: Kurt Villavicencio
    Phone:  (530) 225-3426

    • Lake Boulevard Pavement (State Route 299/273 near Redding in Shasta County): Rehabilitate pavement, upgrade facilities to meet ADA standards, upgrade Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, rehabilitate drainage systems, and add complete streets elements such as multi-use bi-directional path, widen and overlay existing Class I bike path, and reconstruct onramp.
    • Graeagle-Johnsville Road Construction (Various locations near the Plumas Eureka State Park and Plumas National Forest in Plumas County): Provide paved shoulder, pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction including drainage improvements, erosion control, guardrails and guardrail upgrades.
    • Lincon Road, Union Ave, Angel Valley Road Rehab (In Weed on Lincoln Road, Union Avenue, and Angel Valley Road, connecting Hwy 97 in one loop): Rehabilitation of approx 1.2 miles of roadway
    • 99W Gap Closure (99W formerly Old SR 99 in Tehama County) Pavement rehabilitation includes Cold-in-Place Recycling and a Hot Mix overlay to existing grade. The project also updates pavement delineation and reflective markers.
    • 99W & Gyle Road to South Main St & I-5 Overcrossing (In Tehama County from Gyle Road intersection of 99W (formerly old SR 99) and extends north to Red Bluff ending at I-5 overcrossing. Resurfacing & reconfigure pavement delineation/reflective markers, and improvements and signalization at I-5 interchange.
    • Cottonwood Active Transportation Trunk Line Express (CATTLE) Network. (Shasta County, in the community of Cottonwood) develop a complete, low-stress bicycle/pedestrian network connecting residents to key Cottonwood attractions and community resources.

    Contact: Kevin Murphy
    Email: Caltrans District 3
    Phone: (530) 812-7282

    • A State Highway 32 project in Chico from Muir Avenue to Highway 99 that will rehabilitate pavement, install signals and lighting, upgrade Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, rehabilitate drainage systems, and upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The project was allocated $3.51 million.

      Contact: David Hafner
      Phone: (510) 385-7068 

      • $18.9 million to construct a soldier pile wall and make drainage improvements along Highway 1 in Jenner, Sonoma County.
      • $13.6 million to rehabilitate pavement and upgrade facilities to Americans with Disability Act Standards on U.S. Highway 101 in San Mateo County.
      • $12.4 million to restore the Sonoma Creek Bridge and the Hooker Creek Bridge in Sonoma County.
      • $1.6 million to rehabilitate the Irwin Creek Bridge and the adjoining culvert structures in San Rafael, Marin County.


      Contact: Jim Shivers or Kevin Drabinski
      Phone: (805) 549-3237 or (805) 549-3138

      • $136 million allocation to convert Highway 46 East to a four-lane expressway from west of the Shandon Roadside Rest Area to east of the Jack Ranch Café in San Luis Obispo County.
      • $2.7 million allocation to install rock slope protection to prevent impacts to the bridge foundation of the Soquel Creek Bridge on Highway 1 in Capitola in Santa Cruz County.

      Contact: Christian Lukens

      • Roadway Rehabilitation Project on Interstate 5 in Fresno County: $36 million project will rehabilitate pavement by grinding and placing Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA), repair culverts and upgrade Transportation Management Systems (TMS) field elements on Interstate 5 near Mendota, from 1.0 mile south of Kamm Avenue to 0.2 mile south of Panoche Road.
      • Bridge Replacement Project on State Route 99 in Madera County: $26 million project will replace bridges to mitigate corrosion by chloride latent concrete near the city of Madera at Cottonwood Creek at three locations.

      Contact: Marc Bischoff

      • Los Nietos Safe Routes to Schools (Phase I): in the unincorporated community of Los Nietos-West Whittier in Los Angeles County. Curb ramp improvements, bulb-outs, signalized crossings, non-signalized crossings, new sidewalk, sidewalk improvements, audible push buttons, and pedestrian countdown signals. This project will construct 1,189 feet of sidewall and seven curb ramps and install ten pedestrian heads and 17 crosswalks. $1.3 million.
      • City of Palmdale - Civic Center Complete Streets: in downtown Palmdale within the area bound by 9th Street East to the west, Avenue Q-9 to the north, 10th Street East to the east, and Avenue Q-12 to the south; south of State Route 138 and east of State Route 14 and Sierra Highway. The project will construct crosswalk enhancements; bulb-outs; Class II and Class III bike lanes; mini-roundabout; and a sidewalk gap closure. It will also provide 300 feet of improved pedestrian sidewalks and 3,960 feet of Class II and 560 feet of Class III bicycle and transit facilities to key traffic generators. $1.4 million.
      • Safety and Enhancement Project in the City of Oxnard: Improvements adjacent to six schools in Oxnard (Fremont Middle, Curren, Kamala, Harrington, Lemonwood, and Ramona Elementary Schools) and citywide a non-infrastructure program. Provide safe routes to six Oxnard schools by installing enhanced safety crossing improvements and implement a citywide non-infrastructure program to improve pedestrian and bicycling safety for students for all 26 schools. The project includes construction of 33 curb extensions and 59 accessible curb ramps; and installation of 47 high-visibility crosswalks, 56 roadside signs, and traffic pavement markings/striping. $202 thousand.

      Contact: Terri Kasinga
      Phone: (951) 232-4268 

      • San Bernardino County State Route 18: In and near the city of San Bernardino, from 48th Street to Route 138. Outcome/Output: Repair and replace culverts to extend design life and preserve the integrity of the roadway.
      • San Bernardino County Interstate 40: Near Needles, at the John Wilkie Safety Roadside Rest Area (SRRA). Reconstruct SRRA and upgrade water and wastewater systems.
      • Riverside County Interstate 215: In the city of Riverside, from south of Martin Luther King Boulevard to north of Chicago Avenue. Rehabilitate pavement, upgrade curb ramps to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and replace sign structures and signs.
      • San Bernardino County Various Locations: Near Barstow, Needles, Yucca Valley, and Vidal Junction, on Routes 40, 58, 62, and 95 at various locations; also, in Riverside County, on Route 62 near Desert Center at Route 177 (PM 82.5/87.5). Install Changeable Message Signs (CMS), guardrail shielding, and Maintenance Vehicle Pullouts (MVPs).

      Contact: Christine Knadler
      Phone: (760) 937-7217

      • Manzanar Pavement- Near Independence, from 3.0 miles south of Manzanar Reward Road to .3 miles north of Shabbell Lane, this project will rehabilitate approximately 42 lane miles of roadway, install Transportation Management System elements and upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS & E) and Right-of-Way phases of this project were allocated $2.476 million. This project is partially funded by SB 1.
      • Lone Pine Sidewalks- From Teya Road to Inyo Street on both sides of US 395 and from East Begole Street to East Lubken Avenue on the east side of US 395, this project will upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act standards and construct new sidewalk, curb ramp and driveway as complete streets elements. The Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS & E) and Right-of-Way phases of this project were allocated $1.6 million.

      Contact: Nicole Mowers
      Phone:  (916) 986-5574 

      • A project in Angels Camp in Calaveras County on Main Street from Brunner Hill Road to Pine Street received more than $2 million. The project will upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, construct new sidewalk, and widen shoulders to construct bike lanes as complete streets elements.
      • A project in Manteca in San Joaquin County at McKinley Avenue received$12.3 million. The project will construct a new 2 mile interchange, 1 mile bicycle lane, 1600 feet of new sidewalk, 4 new curb ramps, 96 feet of crosswalk and 2 freeway ramp metering.
      • A project near Los Banos in Merced County at the State Route 33 interchange and the Interstate 5 and State Route 165 Interchange received more than $3 million. The project will Improve the truck turning radius at two locations by widening ramps, upgrade guardrail, and install lighting.


      Contact: Cathryne Bruce-Johnson
      Phone: (619) 871-6716

      • $23,774,000 to Caltrans to rehabilitate Interstate 8 bridge decks at the El Cajon overcrossing in El Cajon and the Marshall Avenue overcrossing in La Mesa. The project includes adding new reinforced concrete slabs and upgrading bridge rails.

      • $24,900,000 to Caltrans and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) for Segment 3A of the Otay Mesa East Port of Entry on State Route 11 two miles east of the Sanyo Avenue undercrossing.

      • $180,000 to the City of La Mesa and SANDAG for the La Mesa Bike and Sidewalk Connections Project for planning and public outreach for eight trail/bike lane projects in addition to preparing plans and construction for 17 sidewalks, bike route, and bike lane projects.

      • $200,000 to SANDAG for the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor (LOSSAN) in the City of Solana Beach to the City of Del Mar. The funding will allow completing 100 percent design for 1.7 miles of second track and San Dieguito Bridge replacement, including platform construction at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

      Contact: Nathan Abler
      Phone: (657) 650-5146

      • $27 million for a safety and ride quality improvement project in San Clemente along I-5, from the San Diego County line to El Camino Real. This project will rehabilitate the roadway, add new pavement delineation, replace signs, and upgrade safety devices.
      • $22 million for a project at various locations in Orange County on I-5, SR-133, and SR-241 to rehabilitate 25 bridges to maintain bridge health and extend service life.
      • $7.9 million for a project along SR-55 in of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Tustin, Orange, and Anaheim.  This project will upgrade lighting; rehabilitate pavement, drainage, bridge rail, and landscaping; and upgrade Transportation Management System (TMS) elements; add complete streets elements; and improve highway worker safety.

      Caltrans also presented the CTC with the draft 2022 State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) at this week’s meeting. Aimed at preserving the condition of the highway system, the draft 2022 SHOPP accounts for $17.3 billion in funding over a four-year period and includes projects for safety, restoration, road and bridge preservation, and other highway-related facilities.

      The CTC will host a public hearing in February to receive comments on the draft SHOPP. All the comments will be considered in the final version that goes before the CTC for adoption at its March meeting. All 2022 SHOPP projects are available on the Caltrans’ Ten-Year Project Book website,

      SB 1 provides $5 billion in transportation funding annually split between the state and local agencies. Road projects progress through construction phases more quickly based on the availability of SB 1 funds, including projects that are partially funded by SB 1.

      For more information about transportation projects funded by SB 1, visit