Caltrans Accepting Comments on Draft Aviation Plan


District: Headquarters
Tamie McGowen
Phone:(916) 416-8615

SACRAMENTO — Caltrans’ Division of Aeronautics is accepting public comments through December 30, 2020, on the draft California Aviation System Plan (CASP) for 2020. CASP 2020 envisions the ongoing role of aviation in the State’s multi-modal transportation environment. As a vision document, the CASP enhances the review of airport activities and requirements by expressing the contribution aviation makes to California’s support for comunities, the environment, and the economy.

The CASP covers key interests including land use for airport support and community equity, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through airport use of electric ground vehicles, the potential from alternative jet fuels, and Active Transportation. The plan also reviews aviation’s support for public safety and its capability to add jobs and reduce surface vehicle congestion by considering the value of under-utilized airports to help move goods and people. CASP 2020 addresses the future of large commercial service airports to small local general aviation airports.

The Aeronautics Division’s webpage hosts the CASP 2020 update. Submit comments by email via The final draft document will be submitted in January to the California Transportation Commission for adoption.