Caltrans News Flash #219 - Caltrans Using Goats to Control Non-Native Plants on Highway 1


District: 5 - San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara
Contact: Jim Shivers
Phone: (559) 444-2409

SAN LUIS OBISPO — In this Caltrans News Flash, see how Caltrans is using goats to aid in controlling weeds within a 20-acre site adjacent to Highway 1 just north of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. Instead of relying on herbicides, Caltrans is taking a more sustainable approach to revitalizing the native coastal prairie adjacent to the recent highway realignment project that was completed in 2017.

This past summer, two double-decker trucks unloaded about 300 goats to help remove invasive non-native weeds such as bur clover, mustard, and thistle. The animals were confined to selected grazing areas by temporary fencing which was moved every few days. These goats grazed at a rate of approximately one acre per day.

Caltrans News Flash #219

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