Caltrans News Flash #193 - Don't Crowd the Plow


District: District 3 - Marysville / Sacramento
Contact: Raquel Borrayo
Phone: (530) 634-7640
Contact: Tamie McGowen
Phone: (916) 657-5060

MARYSVILLE – In this Caltrans News Flash, we're urging California drivers to give some space to snow plow operators as they work to clear highways. We ask drivers to slow down, devote their full attention to what's ahead on the road and refrain from passing snow plows. Road conditions behind a plow are better than conditions in front of it. While we're now in spring, the snow removal season is still in full swing with snow blanketing highways this week and more snow projected in the coming week.

For the safety of the traveling public and the Caltrans crews making it possible for you to reach your destination, please don't crowd the plow.

Caltrans News Flash #193 - Don't Crowd the Plow

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