Local Transit Fleets Receive SB 1 Funds for Capital Assistance


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SACRAMENTO — Caltrans announced today the recipients of $105 million in State of Good Repair (SGR) program funds from Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), money that will provide capital assistance to local governments and agencies to rehabilitate and modernize California’s existing local transit systems. This program has a specific goal of keeping transit systems in a state of good repair, including the purchase of new transit vehicles and maintenance and rehabilitation of transit facilities and vehicles.

"SB 1 helps California address a variety of transportation needs and through this program, we can demonstrate California’s commitment to clean, sustainable transportation and support the role public transit plays in that vision. This program’s investments will lead to cleaner transit vehicle fleets, increased reliability and safety, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants."

Caltrans Director Laurie Berman

SGR funds are allocated under the State Transit Assistance Program formula to eligible agencies: half according to population and half according to transit operator revenues. Eligible projects focused on maintaining or repairing existing transit vehicle fleets or facilities, or the design, acquisition and construction of new vehicles or facilities if they were needed to maintain existing transit services.

State of Good Repair (SGR) Projects

The approved SGR projects cover projects across the state, which include:

  • $ 87,090 to the County of Tehama for the Walnut Street Rehabilitation and ADA Access project. This project will rehabilitate the Red Bluff Transit Transfer Center to bring the facility to ADA standards. It will upgrade sidewalks and curbing and repair striping in the parking area, as well as other facilities upgrades.
  • $ 815,830 to the City of Los Angeles for the Electrification of 20 bus shuttles. The City of Los Angeles will replace twenty CNG bus shuttles which have reached the end of their useful lives with 20 electric bus shuttles. These SGR funds will be cover the cost difference between the value of a CNG-fueled shuttle and a battery-electric bus shuttle for the CityRide program.
  • $ 67,436 to the Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) in San Bernardino County for Bus Stop Upgrades. MBTA will upgrade various bus stops to improve accessibility and safety. The upgraded bus stops will include an ADA accessible ramp, sidewalk, concrete bus shelter pad and a bus shelter.
  • $1,256,425 to Metrolink toward the Generation 1 Rail Car Rebuild/Overhaul project. This project will refurbish and upgrade 14 Metrolink Bombardier Gen1 rail cars to improve passenger comfort and safety, reliability and upgrade to current standards.

For a complete list of SGR recipients, please visit Caltrans' State of Good Repair (SGR) Program page.

SB 1 emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency in the delivery of California’s transportation programs. Therefore, in order to be eligible for State of Good Repair funding, eligible agencies must comply with various reporting requirements. Each recipient agency is required to submit an Annual Expenditure Report on all activities completed with SGR funds to the Department. They must also report the SGR revenues and expenditures in their annual Transportation Development Act Audit.

Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the landmark transportation infrastructure bill signed by Governor Brown in April 2017 will provide $7.6 billion in new transit funding over the next decade. For complete details on SB 1, visit rebuildingca.ca.gov.