District 9 - First Round of SB 1-Funded Grants Awarded


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BISHOP — Caltrans announced today that the first planning grants funded through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 have been awarded to local agencies to support their efforts to plan more sustainable communities, reduce transportation-related greenhouse gases and adapt for the effects of climate change. During this week's California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting, nearly $32 million in grants were awarded. In total, SB 1 will provide more than $270 million in planning grants for local communities over the next decade.

"These grants will provide much needed funding to support the efforts to improve transportation in local communities and plan for a future impacted by climate change. In addition to the many projects already accelerated thanks to SB 1, this is just one more example of how we're committed to rebuilding California."

Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans

Among the grants awarded were nearly $25 million in Sustainable Community Grants to 43 local and regional multimodal transportation and land use planning projects. These planning grants will provide funding to support regional sustainable community strategies and ultimately achieve the state's greenhouse gas reductions targets of 40 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 2050 respectively. SB 1 provides $25 million annually to this grant program which is awarded both competitively and by formula to eligible projects.

Among projects awarded funding are:

District 9 Sustainable Community Grants December 2017

  • Inyo County Olancha-Cartago Corridor Study

    Inyo County proposes developing an Olancha-Cartago Corridor Study (OCCS) to analyze the entire section of U.S. 395, near the area of Caltrans' Olancha four-lane project, and will study how the communities of Olancha and Cartago can re-invent themselves following Caltrans' proposed project. The OCCS would evaluate speed limits as well as innovations to local walking, cycling and other multi-modal opportunities (accessibility to existing recreational trails, for example) to create safer and more efficient transportation in the region. The OCCS will utilize public outreach to local residents and tribal groups, and connects to previously established transportation goals set by Inyo County.

Additionally, $7 million in Adaptation Planning Grants were awarded to 21 projects throughout California. These grants will help local and regional agencies conduct adaptation planning in a way to ensure transportation assets are resilient in the face of climate change and extreme weather events. SB 1 will provide a total of $20 million over three years for this grant program.

Among projects awarded funding are:

District 9 Adaptation Planning Grants December 2017

  • Town of Mammoth Lakes Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Strategies and General Plan Update

    The project partners include local stakeholders, Caltrans, as well as a Climate Change Action Team made up of local agencies and stakeholders. A vulnerability assessment will be prepared and adaptation strategies will be developed. Adaptation goals, policies, and implementation measures will inform an update of the General Plan to reflect recommendations developed through this collaborative process.

Caltrans received 127 applications seeking more than $34 million in grant funds for the Sustainable Communities competitive grant program and 30 applications seeking $10.5 million in grants funds for the Adaptation Planning grant program.

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