Local Transportation Projects Benefit from Senate Bill 1


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SACRAMENTO — Caltrans today announced that the first listing of local transportation projects expected to be funded by the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1) are now available on Rebuilding California - Senate Bill 1.

"SB 1 is a game-changing investment for not only the state highway system, but our local transportation partners benefit from significantly investing in their transportation infrastructure as well. State and local projects are already being lined up to deliver real results for all users of California's vast transportation system."

Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans

SB 1 will generate more than $54 billion over the next decade for transportation, split evenly between state and local agencies. The new funding effectively doubles transportation dollars for local cities and counties, and doubles the maintenance dollars for state highways. This new SB 1 money can be used by local agencies for basic road maintenance, rehabilitation and critical safety projects on local streets and roads.

Statewide, cities and counties have submitted lists of projects they propose to be funded with SB 1 revenue to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) as part of the Local Streets and Roads program. The Rebuilding California website will allow users to see projects in their region being funded with SB 1 revenue and download these project lists. The CTC will formally adopt this list of projects and submit it to the Controller's Office in December 2017.

SB 1 also emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency in the delivery of California’s transportation programs. Thus, for cities and counties to continue to be eligible for funding from the Local Streets and Roads program, they must annually provide basic project reporting to the CTC for projects funded through SB 1.

Additionally, SB 1 is already being put to use by Caltrans. The department broke ground on 13 pavement projects across the state this summer and is expediting the design of an additional 50 projects that will break ground over the next year. To date, Caltrans has advanced more than $5 billion in “fix-it-first” projects for earlier completion because of SB 1.

SB 1 provides $5.4 billion annually for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the state highway system and local roads, including $400 million specifically for bridges and culverts. SB 1 funds will enable Caltrans to fix more than 17,000 lane miles of pavement, 500 bridges and 55,000 culverts by 2027. Caltrans will also fix 7,700 traffic operating systems, like ramp meters, traffic cameras and electric highway message boards that help reduce highway congestion.

Caltrans is committed to conducting its business in a fully transparent manner and detailing its progress to the public. For complete details on SB 1 visit http://www.rebuildingca.ca.gov/.