Keene Pavement Project

Project Information

On October 19, 2023, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) voted in favor of combining the State Route 58 Truck Climbing Lane Project with the Keene Pavement Project. Both projects and their scopes are now known as the Keene Pavement Project. 

This project, currently in the Design and Right of Way phases, will rehabilitate 44.8 lane miles of pavement, upgrade bridge rail and median barriers, install new lighting, and realign curves in four locations on State Route 58 from Bealville Road to approximately two miles west of the junction with State Route 202 in Tehachapi. The project could potentially include a wildlife crossing between Bealville Road and Hart Flat Road, and it will now include a 3.5-mile, 12-foot-wide eastbound truck-climbing lane from approximately 0.8 miles east of the junction with State Route 223 to 0.4 miles west of Hart Flat Road. Additional project features include: 

  • Restriping of the intersection with Bealville Road to provide an eastbound acceleration lane
  • Removal of the Bena Road at-grade intersection to eliminate conflicts with traffic entering or exiting SR 58
  • Increasing inside and outside shoulder widths
  • Drainage improvements
  • Culvert enhancement to improve wildlife connectivity
  • Guardrail and signage upgrades
  • Addition of rumble strips
  • Relocation of lighting at Bealville Road and State Route 58  

Project Map

A map that shows the boundaries of the Keene Pavement Project on State Route 58. 

(Click for larger view of the Keene Pavement Project.)

58 Truck Climbing lanes map

(Click for a larger view of the location for the eastbound truck-climbing lane.)

Environmental Document

The final environment document for the Keene Pavement Project is now available for public review upon request.

To obtain a copy of the final environmental document:

  • Request by Mail: Caltrans District 9, c/o Jeremy Milos, 500 S. Main Street, Bishop, CA, 93514
  • Request by Email 

Project Costs

The estimated cost of this project is $275 million.

Project Timeline

Project Schedule (subject to change):

  • March 2022: DED circulation 
  • June 2022: PA&ED 
  • October 2025: Ready to List 
  • June 2026: Begin Construction 

For More Information

  • Michael Lingberg, Caltrans District 9 Construction Public Information Officer (760) 920-0280

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