District 9 Public Information Office

Caltrans Office of Public Information disseminates public information regarding Caltrans, its operations and activities. The office handles media relations, develops internal and external communications, coordinates media campaigns, and oversees the Department's awards programs.

Public Information provides the public and the media with specific information regarding highway transportation issues. This includes news broadcasts, advertisements, public events, and press releases regarding current construction and maintenance operations. For information on current Caltrans projects and construction, please visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

District 9 Main Phone 
(760) 872-0601 


Christine Knadler
Public Information Office Chief
Phone (760) 937-7217

Michael Lingberg
Public Information Officer - Construction
Construction Media Inquiries
Phone (760) 872-0603

Christopher Andriessen
Public Information Officer - Maintenance
Maintenance/Emergency Media Inquiries
Phone (760) 937-2138

Joseph Reidhead
Legislative Affairs Coordinator
District 9 Small Business Liaison
(760) 881-7730


Office Hours of Availability: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.