District 9 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric vehicles (EV) become more common in California and across the U.S., Caltrans is doing its part to power drivers who choose a cleaner form of transportation. In 2020 and 2021, Caltrans District 9 installed five charging stations in Inyo and Kern County. Located at Caltrans rest areas and offices, these charging stations not only increase mobility for EV drivers throughout California's eastern corridor, but they fulfill part of Caltrans' commitment to reducing emissions to tackle climate change.


The five District 9 charging stations are located at the following facilities:Caltrans District 9 Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Bishop California

  • Inyo County
    • Caltrans District 9 Main Office at 500 S. Main Street in Bishop
    • Division Creek Safety Roadside Rest Area on U.S. 395
    • Coso Junction Safety Roadside Rest Area on U.S. 395
  • Eastern Kern County
    • Westbound Boron Safety Roadside Rest Area on State Route 58
    • Eastbound Boron Safety Roadside Rest Area on State Route 58

Charger Information

Each charging station is a Level 3 DC Fast Charger with universal connectors that serve most EVs on the market. Tesla EVs can charge at these stations with the appropriate Tesla adapter. A DC Fast Charger will provide about an 80% charge in 30 minutes for vehicles with fast-charging capabilities. These chargers may not work with older EV models and Caltrans encourages EV owners to consult their vehicle's manual before using a charging station.

Each station has two charging cords, one with a CHAdeMO connector and one with a CCS1 connector. While there are two cords attached to each station, only one vehicle can charge at a time.

Charging an EV at a Caltrans charging station is currently free for all EV owners. We ask that drivers charging their vehicles be mindful of other vehicle owners waiting for their turn and to not unplug a vehicle from the charger that does not belong to you.

Further Information