Legislative and Government Affairs

Legislative and Governmental Affairs:  
Caltrans District 8’s Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs (LGA) facilitates and coordinates the interaction between District Executive Staff and elected officials whose districts are within Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  The office serves as the central point of contact for local, state and federal elected officials and their staff seeking information about Caltrans transportation related issues.  The LGA also works closely with Caltrans’ Headquarters Legislative Affairs Office to provide analysis on pending legislation that might affect the region’s transportation system.   

Caltrans District 8’s LGA is also tasked with coordinating the Victims Memorial Sign and highway naming designation process. In addition, LGA helps to facilitate the highway naming designation process, which include memorial signs for fallen peace officers. 

The LGA works extensively with local, state and federal elected officials and their staff to assist constituent needs in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Governmental and Legislative Affairs Liaison:
Andrea Harlin, Andrea.Harlin@dot.ca.gov (909) 383-4155

External Affairs Manager:
Emily Leinen, Emily.Leinen@dot.ca.gov (909) 383-4657