Kern 33 Culvert Rehab

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Project Description

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to repair, replace, and/or rehabilitate 40 existing culverts on State Route 33 passing through the census-designated town of McKittrick, from 0.9 mile south of Henry Road to 0.2 mile north of Cymric Road (North) (post miles 21.8 to 39.8) in Kern County.


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Project Benefits


The purpose of the project is to repair, replace and/or rehabilitate 40 culverts at various locations on State Route 33 in Kern County, passing through the census-designated town of McKittrick, from 0.9 mile south of Henry Road to 0.2 mile north of Cymric Road (North) (post mile 21.8 to post mile 39.8).


The project is needed because the culverts have reached or exceeded their design life. They are perforated and heavily rusted, and they have damaged end treatments and joint separations. The project would correct flooding issues within certain areas of the project limits. Upsizing some of the culverts is also needed to correct flooding from multiple causes, including being undersized when installed, road connections to State Route 33 after the culverts were installed, which impacted drainage flows, and mud, silt, and debris buildup from stormwater that now inhibits flow through these smaller culverts.


Estimated Funding Breakdown

Funding Source Funding Amount
Local $0
State $4,828,257
Federal $0
Construction Cost $4,828,257



  • None


Proposed Project Schedule

Process Date
Final Environmental Document Completed December 2021
Right-of-way acquisition to be completed October 2023
Design Completed July 2023
Advertise January 2024
Construction Begins June 2024
Construction Completed July 2025


Project Contact

Sunil Gandrathi, Project Manager
Phone: (559) 709-8779

Trais Norris, Senior Environmental Planner
Phone:  (209) 601-3521



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