Crosswalk Enhancements

Project Description

This project will place flashing beacons, replace crosswalk delineation and signs in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties at various locations on Routes 1, 9, 68, 129, 152, and 183.

map of crosswalk locations


Project Benefits

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to comply with The Crosswalk Enhancement Policy Directive and 2014 CA MUTCD which states that the minimum crosswalk safety enhancement should be used to enhance existing marked crosswalks that cross uncontrolled roadways on the State Highway System where the speed limit exceeds 40 mph and the roadway has 4 or more lanes of travel with an ADT of 12,000 vehicles per day.

Need: To increase pedestrian safety at existing marked crosswalks by enhancing the driver’s awareness of the crossing(s).

 Location No.
 county Route
 1  SCR 1  18.8  Van Ness Ave.
 2  SCR 9
 9.51  Main St.
 3  MON 68  1.32  Forest Hill Blvd.
 4  MON 68
 20.91  Maple St.
 5  MON 68  21.04  Winham St.
 6  SCR 129  0.23  Marchant St.
 7  SCR 152  3.16  Marchant St.
 8  MON 183  1.02  Happ Pl.
 9  MON 183  8.75  Palm St.
 10  MON 183  8.94  Wood St.
 11  SCR 9  6.39  Kirby St.
 New*  SCR 9  5.8  Redwood Dr.
 New*  SCR 9  7.29  SLV Elementary
 New*  SCR 9  7.48  Lazy Wood Rd.
 New*  SCR 9  11.41  Clear Creek Rd.


*New locations to be added during construction


SCCRTC is contributing funds to add locations to the project.  The crossings to receive enhancements as part of the HSIP grant funding are:

  • Redwood Drive at the entrance to Henry Cowell State Park in Felton
  • Midblock between Graham Hill Road and Kirby Street at Wild Roots Market in Felton
  • San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School
  • San Lorenzo Valley Middle School entrance at Lazy Woods Road
  • Clear Creek Road at the Post Office in Brookdale

Project Schedule

Project is scheduled to start construction in Summer 2020

Project Contact

Mike Lew, Project Manager
(805) 549-3227

District 5 Public Information Office
(805) 549-3138