I-780 Laurel Street Bridge-Vallejo

This Project Has Been Completed

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will replace and rebuild the Laurel Street Bridge (Bridge # 23-0119) on Interstate-780 (I-780) in Solano County. The bridge is located above eastbound and westbound I-780 just east of the I-780/Interstate-80 (I-80) interchange in the City of Vallejo.

The I-780 Laurel Street Bridge will be closed for approximately 6-months while Caltrans constructs a new I-80 Laurel Street Bridge at the same site. The new bridge will replace the old existing bridge which will seismically retrofit the bridge and bring it up to the latest seismic safety standards. 

The existing bridge was demolished in June 2017. Construction of the new bridge began shortly after demolition and could be completed as early as mid-January 2018. 

Stationary mounted signs and changeable message signs (CMS) will be strategically placed to provide information regarding scheduled closures and detours.