Highway 17 Roadway Improvement Project

Map of the Highway 17 roadway improvement project in Santa Clara county.Description:

In and near Los Gatos, Campbell and San Jose, from Hebard Way to Route 280.  Pavement rehabilitation. 

One Southbound lane and one northbound lane will be closed overnight, Monday through Friday, 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM, until July 2023. 

Purpose & Need:

The purpose of this project is to preserve and extend the service life of the existing pavement and improve ride quality.
The need of this project is to grind and pave State Route 17 pavement and improve the roadside facilities with the underground drainage systems.

Project Scope:

The project includes the following work.

  1. Guard Rail and crash cushion upgrades
  2. New or improved curb ramps at intersections
  3. AC (Asphalt Concrete) paving
  4. Concrete pavement 
  5. Drainage system improvements
  6. Striping and Rumble strips 
  7. Shoulder slip out repair at PM 4.35
  8. Road signs
  9. Electrical loop detector installations
  10. Concrete barrier transition at the end of bridge rails

Current Status: 

Project is currently in Construction Phase.


  • Environmental Documents Fall 2018 (Actual)
  • Design Complete Summer 2020 (Actual)
  • Begin Construction Summer 2021 (Actual)
  • End Construction Winter 2023 (Tentative)