US 101/ SR 92 Short-Term Interchange Improvements Project

EA #2Q800
EFIS Project ID: 0419000050

San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) and City / County Association of Governments (C-CAG) of San Mateo County, in 2018 conducted a Preliminary Planning Study (PPS) to address the congestion and safety concerns in the vicinity of the US101 / SR 92 interchange. Short-Term and Long-Term alternatives were identified during the PPS. This project carries forward the Short-Term area improvements, which focus on addressing existing deficiencies, and are non-complex improvements with relatively low implementation costs, and no right of way acquisition is anticipated since the improvements can be constructed within the existing right of way.

Description:Map of US101 SR92 Short-Term Interchange Improvements Project

US 101/ SR 92 Short-Term Interchange Improvements - San Mateo County on State Route 92 at the US 101 interchange vicinity. The project will develop 4 areas of improvement that will address congestion and improves safety in the vicinity.


The Project proposes to provide improvements at the US 101 and State Route (SR) 92 interchange area. The US 101 / SR 92 Interchange Area Improvement Project considers four build improvements within the project limits. 

  • Westbound SR 92 to southbound US 101 loop ramp and structure widening improvements
  • Northbound and southbound US 101 to eastbound SR 92 merging and restriping improvements
  • Southbound US 101 Fashion Island Blvd off-ramp improvements
  • Northbound US 101 at Hillsdale Blvd off-ramp and intersection modification and widening improvements


Categorical Exemption (CE)/Categorical Exclusion (CE)

Programmed Funding ($K):

Type of Support SHOPP
PA&ED Support $2,411
PS&E Support $3,950
Right of Way Support TBD
Construction Support TBD
Right of Way Capital TBD
Construction Capital TBD


PA&ED Completion – 09/2021
Design Phase – Start 05/2022
Construction – Start 08/2024*
Completion – TBD (Based on # of Improvements)

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