128 Capell Creek Bridge Replacement Project

128 Capell Creek Bridge Replacement Project photo 01

Project Overview:

Caltrans Bay Area has begun the construction on the replacement bridge of State Route 128 (SR-128) Capell Creek Bridge just west of Lake Berryessa and north of State Route 121 in Napa County. The bridge was constructed in the 1950s and has had slope stability issues since 1965 and landslide movement has been detected on the northwest side of the creek.

Scope of Work:

The project will consist of demolishing the existing Capell Creek Bridge, building a replacement bridge on the same alignment and widening the roadway. The project will address the structure deficiency caused by the earth movement.  

Temporary Steel Bridge:128 Capell Creek Bridge Replacement Project photo 01

Crews completed the steel bridge in June 2020, shifting traffic onto the temporary bridge as crews build a new bridge. Temporary one-way traffic controls are in place during the time of construction.

SR-128 near Capell Creek Bridge Overnight Closures in late October 2020:

An overnight full highway closure of SR-128 at Capell Creek Bridge has been scheduled for late October 2020 between 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The overnight closure will be in place for five working days.

Crews will be in the process of re-building Capell Creek Bridge and will need install bridge components that will support the reconstruction of the bridge.

Project Funding:

SR-128 Capell Creek Bridge Replacement is a $24.8 million project which is funded by the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).
SHOPP is the State Highway System’s “fix-it-first’ program that funds the repairs and preservation, emergency repairs, safety improvements, and some highway operational improvements on the State Highway System.

Key Dates:128 Capell Creek Bridge Replacement Project photo 01

The new bridge will be completed as early as summer 2021 at which time the new bridge will be opened to traffic and the temporary bridge eventually removed.


Pedro Quintana
Caltrans Bay Area, Public Information Officer
Phone: (510) 286-5620