Alameda 880 Washington Ave Ramps Reconstruction

Caltrans proposes to reconstruct the ramps at Washington Avenue for the southbound I-880 by shifting alignment and adding one optional left-turn/right-turn lane to the off-ramp and shifting alignment and widening for truck turning movements for the on-ramp.

Project Details880 Washington Ave Ramps Reconstruction map

Construction Start: Spring 2021
Construction Finish:  Spring 2022
Contractor: Teichert Construction
Project Cost: $4 Million
Project Funding: SB1 SHOPP

Project Limits:

On interstate route 880, in Alameda County in San Leandro at southbound off –ramp from route 880/23 connector to Washington Ave.

Purpose and Need:

Traffic queuing onto the Washington Avenue off-ramp was reported as the primary cause for rear-end accidents at the SB Route 880 / SB Route 238 connector.   The purpose of the project is to improve the operation of the Washington Avenue off-ramp and on-ramp and thereby to reduce the potential for accidents. 

Project Partners:

Caltrans, Alameda County Transportation Authority, and City of San Leandro

Progress To Date

Stage 1 Construction

Roadway widening of the right hand side of the Washington Ave. on-ramp to southbound I-880/SR-238 started in early April of 2021 and was completed in early May of 2021.


Stage 2 Construction

Roadway widening surrounding the concrete islands at the Beatrice St./on-ramp/off-ramp area and reconstruction of the islands started in early May of 2021 and was completed in late May of 2021.


Stage 3 Construction

Roadway widening of the area between the on-ramp and the off-ramp and construction of concrete barrier at the onramp started in late May of 2021 and is expected to be completed in late August of 2021.


Stage 4 Construction

Roadway widening on the right hand side of the off-ramp, construction of concrete barrier and highway lighting at the offramp will commence in late August of 2021 and is expected to last through late September of 2021.


Stage 5 Construction

Final paving, application of High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST), signal and lighting, and final grading work will commence in late September and is expected to last through late December of 2021.


Clean up and final inspection work will commence in late December of 2021 and last through early January of 2022.


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