State Route 84 Barrier Project

Fremont, California September 2022 – Fall 2023

Caltrans is building a concrete barrier between eastbound State Route 84 and the Marshlands Road frontage in Fremont. The barrier will stretch for approximately two miles from the north end of the Dumbarton Bridge to just south of the toll plaza.

The concrete barrier will be supported by 600-plus individual underground piles placed at 20-foot spacing. The barrier will have a chain link fence and five luminaires on top.

In addition, the shoulder of SR-84 will be widened from five feet to 10 feet, the pavement along this two-mile stretch will be resurfaced, and rumble strips will be placed at both left and right edges of the shoulders.

The purpose of this project is to enhance traffic safety for all road users along this two-mile stretch of eastbound SR-84, including pedestrians and people on bicycles.

This project began in September 2022. Work will be performed during the daytime and at night. The work is expected to conclude in the Fall of 2023, depending on weather and other possible developments.

Map showing the project area for the State Route 84-Marshlands Road Barrier Project.