I-80 Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Lighting and Concrete Barrier Project

Map showing the project area for the I-80 Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Lighting and Concrete Barrier Project. The project area extends along I-80 from Buchanan Street in Alameda County to the Carquinez Bridge.

Caltrans is upgrading the median barrier and installing lighting on Interstate 80 from just west of the Alameda/Contra Costa County border all the way to the Carquinez Bridge to enhance safety and ease of mobility for motorists.

Crews are replacing the existing concrete median barrier with a new barrier and new lighting that will minimize glare from headlights. Also, the guardrail will be upgraded and the pavement will be resurfaced.

The project stretches from just west of the I-80 Buchanan Street exit to the approach of the Carquinez Bridge, encompassing the cities of Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules, Rodeo and Crockett. Work began in May and is expected to conclude in fall 2025.

Lane and ramp closures will be necessary from time to time to accommodate the work, but there will be no full closures of the freeway.

The lane closures will be nighttime only to minimize inconvenience to the traveling public. Signage and California Highway Patrol officers will be on hand to guide motorists.

Traffic has been shifted temporarily to make room for the contractor to install the new barrier and lighting. Temporary pavement delineation will shift eastbound and westbound Route 80 traffic toward outside shoulders. The shift is temporary and the lanes will return to their previous configuration when the work completes.

Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience, but motorists should expect some delays. Caltrans thanks residents for your patience as we work to enhance safety and visibility on Interstate 80 in Alameda and Contra Costa County.