Program-Project Management

The Division of Program/Project Management consists of four Project Management sub-divisions: the East, North, South, and Toll Bridge regions, and four supporting offices: the Office of Program Management Support, the Office of Project Management Support, the Office of Consultant Services, and the Office of Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) Management Support.

This Division develops and implements policies and procedures to direct Single Focal Point staff in the four sub-divisions for project management activities and evaluates and recommends policies and procedures governing the Project Management Program. This Division works with the other District Divisions to set project priorities and coordinates development of District's Capital Outlay programs and program amendment documents. This Division is responsible for operation of the Expert Project Management (XPM) system that identifies projects and costs related to the District's project delivery and develops annual workload estimates and negotiates the level of resources for the District's Capital Outlay Support (COS) Program with the statewide COS Program Manager. The resources negotiated include regular Personnel Years, cash overtime, operating expense funds, funding for architectural and engineering contracts, and agreements for brokered work with other Districts. This Division manages the allocation process and is responsible for on-going management of all Capital Outlay resources to support the District's commitment to deliver assigned capital outlay projects.