District 4 - Maintenance

The Division of Maintenance provides for public safety and preserves California's highways by maintaining and repairing the system and responding to emergencies so that travelers and goods reach their destination safely and efficiently. Responsibilities include the maintenance and landscaping of the highways in the District, divided by geographical regions, specialized regions and district office functions.

There are five geographical maintenance regions (North Bay/Petaluma, East Bay/San Leandro, South Bay/San Jose, West Bay/Foster City and Delta/Walnut Creek) that are responsible for the roadbed and roadside. Two maintenance regions, (Specialty Region and Toll Bridge Maintenance, Tow Services & Structural Steel Paint Region) provide specialized functions throughout the District. Specialty Region (San Francisco) maintains the electrical equipment, signs, striping and the tunnels and tubes. The Toll Bridge Maintenance, Tow Services & Structural Steel Paint Regions (SFOBB) maintain all bridge structures, including the toll bridges in the district and the District 4 Maintenance Training Center.

THE OFFICE OF MAINTENANCE AND TOLL BRIDGE ENGINEERING is responsible for the roadway and bridge preservation programs for the District. This work involves developing a 10-year needs plan for capital-funded roadway, bridge, maintenance facilities, signs and lighting work and a 5-year plan of roadway and bridge maintenance-funded projects. This work involves initiating, prioritizing, preparing and monitoring projects on all Interstate and State Highways from conception and design through construction.

The design engineering section prepares Project Reports and Plans, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) for Capital Preventative Maintenance (CAPM) and Major Maintenance and Minor B Contracts for all nine Bay Area counties. The unit also has two senior transportation engineers to develop project specifications.

The Office of Maintenance and Toll Bridge Engineering is also involved in planning and directing the maintenance and expansion of BASE (Bay Area Security Enhancement) with a staff of electrical engineers. These electrical engineers troubleshoot and prepare electrical plans for the maintenance and operation of Toll Bridge and other District 4 facilities.

THE OFFICE OF MAINTENANCE SERVICES is responsible for managing the maintenance budget, coordinating emergency projects, administering the Adopt-A-Highway Program, Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Hazardous Wastes programs, performing day labor projects, scheduling Level of Service (LOS) reviews, preparing maintenance agreements between Caltrans and local agencies and managing the Emergency Resource Center (ERC) and the District Communications Center. Maintenance Area Senior Engineers coordinate engineering responsibilities between the District Office and each geographic region. The District Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

THE OFFICE OF TOLL OPERATIONS is responsible for the collection of bridge tolls. The toll collection system has been upgraded to an electronic collection system, FasTrak® Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) at each of the seven bay area toll bridges.

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) programs, administers and allocates toll revenues from the seven state-owned bridges to Caltrans for the day-to-day operations, maintenance and administration of these bridges, as well as their capital improvement and rehabilitation.


Richmond-San Rafael
San Francisco-Oakland
San Mateo-Hayward

Tolls are collected manually or electronically in one direction on each of the state-owned bridges according to a toll schedule established by BATA and the California Legislature.

THE OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL MAINTENANCE provides environmental consultation and review for Maintenance projects and actions. It provides inter agency and interdepartmental coordination and training for Maintenance personnel. This office is responsible for the preparation and processing of environmental documents and documentation of activities and projects for the Maintenance Division.

It is the responsibility of Environmental Maintenance to identify cultural resources within the Caltrans Right of Way that may be affected by Maintenance activities and projects. In addition, once these resources are identified, this office ensures compliance with all federal, state and local laws with regards to cultural resources. Cultural resource personnel develop measures to mitigate impacts to resources in consultation with local tribes and the State Office of Historic Preservation.

Environmental Maintenance personnel are part of the District 4 Rock Scaling team and, in addition to the actual scaling activities, assist in the determination of material disposal location and the avoidance of environmental impacts from the scaling activities.

Environmental Maintenance is responsible for the preparation of natural environment memos and studies, biological evaluations and assessments, and for identifying and negotiating mitigation that may be required as a condition of project approval. This office provides functional support in securing and ensuring compliance with permits and regulatory approvals from the California Department of Fish and Game, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, State Parks, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the California Coastal Commission, Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

In conjunction with the Structural Steel Paint, Environmental Maintenance is responsible for the inspection of all of the steel bridges in Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 as they pertain to resource agency permits associated with the painting activities.