District 4 Design

Project Design Offices

Project Design Offices are responsible for: assisting in the preparation of the Project Study Reports to determine scopes, schedules and costs of projects for programming purposes; preparing Project Reports; determining Right of Way needs for a project, and designing the project (preparation of the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates-PS&E) in accordance with current standards; and supporting construction administration to the completion of the project. The Design Offices are also responsible for coordinating with local agencies in programming of regional transportation projects, which affect State Highways, and for providing oversight of locally funded transportation projects on State Highways or those affecting the State Highway System.

Office Of Special Projects

delivers plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) for projects located in all of District 4's counties. Most of the projects range from $100,000 to $10,000,000 but this Office was one of the district's first to deliver a $40,000,000 project. The project types encompass a wide variety of transportation work including pavement maintenance and overlay, emergency slide repairs, storm damage restoration, toll bridge structural maintenance work, building facility remodeling, earth- quake retrofit projects, traffic safety and traffic management system installations. The unique quality of the Office is that the designer has a "hands-on" involvement in all the elements and phases that comprise a project - from project conception to design to funding and through construction. It is an Office where, in a short time frame, the designer will see, experience and learn the entire process of how Caltrans implements the projects in the transportation program.

Office Of Engineering Services 1 (Materials)

Office Of Engineering Services 1 (Materials) furnishes pavement-related recommendations to all Design offices. This includes a soils investigation of all highway projects in District 4. This office prepares comprehensive pavement designs and materials reports which include findings & recommendations regarding subsurface conditions, pavement sections, corrosion of culverts, materials available, and materials specifications; coordinates with the District Lab on pavement design recommendations; provides technical support to Construction, Maintenance, Traffic and District Legal Department regarding pavement failures, unusual subsurface conditions, etc. This office also reviews encroachment permits, and provides oversight review of consultant materials reports. In addition, our XPM Coordinator works with Design project managers to negotiate project schedules and resource requirements for materials support engineering work from planning to construction phases. Finally, this office hosts and provides instructors for the quarterly Materials Academy for all employees. The District Lab performs testing on the majority of materials submitted for construction projects, preliminary Materials Reports, QC/QA verification testing, minor contracts and maintenance projects (includes soils, bases, concrete and asphalt). The Lab performs mix designs for asphalt concrete and rubberized asphalt concrete. The Independent Assurance Sampling & Testing group provides inspection and testing for asphalt and concrete plant operations; provides oversight for QC/QA projects; and certifies field samplers & testers.


Office Of Engineering Services 2 (Hydraulics)

Office Of Engineering Services 2 (Hydraulics) prepare drainage designs for all District projects, provides Design and Construction support, provides CEQA, NEPA and encroachment permit reviews. This office also provide consultant oversight and plan review and technical support for the Divisions of Legal, Maintenance and Construction.

Office Of Landscape Architecture

Office Of Landscape Architecture provides support for many of the District's Divisions and manages its own programs to maintain and improve aesthetics and environmental quality in the Department's transportation facilities. The Office provides such services as visual impact assessments for environmental documents, computer simulation graphics, PS&E for architectural treatment for sound walls and retaining walls, and supports Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) relating to erosion and sediment control. The Office also manages programs for highway planting projects and habitat restoration projects.

Offices Of Toll Bridge Design

These offices have the responsibility to design and provide Project Control on all the Seismic Retrofit work and the voter approved Regional Measure One Projects on all State-owned toll bridges.

Office Of Design Shopp

Office of Design SHOPP provides design support for major SHOPP projects from project inception through completion of construction mostly in the North Counties (Son, Nap, Marin and Sol). Such activities include but not limited to preparation of Project Scope Summary Report, Project Report, providing support during environmental phase, preparation of P. S. & E. and providing construction support. At times, our office also co-ordinate and provide oversight for projects being funded and/or developed by outside entities.