Public Agency Participant

Any public organization that resides within the regional boundaries of District 4 may apply to be a Public Agency Participant.

A Public Agency Participant must be willing and able to provide the following support to the Program:

  1. Designate one staff member, or representative, to attend each of the Quarterly Calmentor Meetings. Lack of attendance at more than two (2) consecutive meetings constitutes that a Sponsor is no longer ‘active.’
  2. Prepare/Distribute quarterly ‘look-ahead’ reports (in a hand-out format) regarding relevant upcoming contracting opportunities within the respective Agency, or Department at each of the Quarterly District 4 Calmentor Meetings.
  3. Provide the Advocate of the Calmentor Program with a ‘link’ to the appropriate page on their web site that highlights upcoming contracting opportunities. Combined, these links will appear on the Calmentor Program web site as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Program Participants.
  4. Attend the Calmentor Annual Meeting and provide at least one individual to ‘staff’ a table-top presentation during the appropriate networking sessions held throughout the half-day event.
  5. As appropriate, provide additional support to the Calmentor Program, on an as-needed basis for such occasions as Special Meetings, Facilitation and Education.

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