Graduate Protege Firm

Protégé firms are granted “graduate” status upon the achievement of business development goals written in the memoranda of understanding with their mentor firm, as well as the completion of the Calmentor Program business development milestones which include: 

  • Successfully preparing all necessary SF330 documents for their respective firm;
  • Successfully gaining an understanding of requirements to ensure compliance with the Federal Accounting Regulations;
  • Successfully attaining Small Business Certification if appropriate;
  • Successfully fostering at least three new business contacts. 

Protégé and mentor firms are generally given twelve months to achieve business development goals and milestones.  The Steering Committee will consider an extension up to six months to complete these goals at the end of the 12-month period upon receiving a joint request from a mentor and protégé firm for an extension. 

Graduate protégé firms continue to enjoy the full benefits that Calmentor offers and are encouraged to apply to become a mentor firm.