District 4 Records Request

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Personal Information Notice

Pursuant to the Federal Privacy Act (P.L. 93-579) and the Information Practices Act of 1977 (Civil Code Sections 1798, et seq.), notice is hereby given for the request of personal information by this form. The requested personal information is voluntary. The principal purpose of the voluntary information is to facilitate the processing of this form. The failure to provide all or any part of the requested information may delay processing of this form. No disclosure of personal information will be made unless permissible under Article 6, Section 1798.24 of the IPA of 1977. Each individual has the right upon request and proper identification, to inspect all personal information in any record maintained on the individual by an identifying particular. Direct any inquiries on information maintenance to your IPA Officer.

Requests for documents can be made through the District 4 Public Records Coordinator who will work with Legal staff to determine whether it's appropriate to release the information. Some documents must be shared upon request however it is not required of all documents.

Members of the general public and media representatives must ask for specific documents by name or provide a specific description (e.g., time, date, location) so the documents can be identified. Frequently requested documents include: