District 4 Bike Plan


Bike Plan Final Report Released

The Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan final report is now available!

The report summarizes the process in developing the Plan, which builds on the 2017 California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Toward an Active California, evaluates bicycle needs on and across the State Transportation Network in District 4, and prioritizes improvements to develop and support an integrated bicycle network for the Bay Area.

District 4 Bike Plan (PDF)

District 4 Bike Plan Appendices (PDF)

Accessibility Assistance: Caltrans makes every attempt to ensure our documents are accessible. Due to variances between assistive technologies, there may be portions of this document which are not accessible. Where documents cannot be made accessible, we are committed to providing alternative access to the content. Should you need additional assistance, please contact us at (916) 654-2852 (and/or a division contact) or visit https://dot.ca.gov/request-ada-compliant-documents.Additional information on the development of the plan can be found in the Appendices and Documents section.

District 4 Bicycle Plan Draft Projects Comment Tool (11/30/17)

This tool provided an opportunity to comment on potential projects to be included in the Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan. The comment period closed on Friday, December 22, 2017.

Final Round of Community Workshops (11/27/17)

Thank you to those who attended one of our final round of community workshops earlier this month . Workshop material can be found below under Documents tab. If you were unable to attend in person, please join our webinar:


Thursday, November 30, 2017, 1-3pm

The webinar will provide an overview of proposed priority bicycle improvements for the Plan and opportunities for public comments on draft priorities.

Survey Results (9/25/17)

In Spring 2017, Caltrans conducted an online survey to collect public input on bicycling needs, issues, and recommendations for the State-owned transportation network across the Bay Area. A total of 4,721 people visited the survey and placed a total of 20,157 "pins" on the map. The survey data will help inform the District 4 Bicycle Plan and is available for download under the Documents tab.

First Round of Community Outreach Completed (6/20/17)

The first round of community workshops was completed in May. Thank you to those who attended and provided feedback. Links to Round 1 community outreach material are provided in the Documents section.


The Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan (Plan) for the San Francisco Bay Area was developed within the framework of Toward an Active California, the California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. This framework includes an overall vision, goals, objectives, and strategies to improve bicycle safety and mobility throughout the State. The District 4 Bike Plan, the first of its kind in the State, evaluates bicycle needs on and across the Bay Area's State transportation network and identifies infrastructure improvements to enhance bicycle safety and mobility and remove some of the barriers to bicycling in the region. This Plan will guide District 4 and its partners to develop an integrated bicycle network for the Bay Area.

Many of the improvements identified in the Plan are conceptual and will require further study and coordination with local jurisdictions and stakeholders. The Plan will be updated regularly as future needs and opportunities are identified and evaluated.

The Plan was developed with input from local and regional partners and stakeholders to ensure that proposed improvements are consistent with local efforts and reflect stakeholder needs. A public outreach process included an online mapping survey, focus group meetings, two rounds of community workshops, and an online comment tool. A Technical Advisory Committee made up of representatives from city, county, and regional agencies as well as advocacy and stakeholder organizations helped inform the process.

The Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan final report summarizes the development of the Plan and highlights key findings. Additional information can be found in the Documents section.


This map is an interactive tool to view the needs analysis and priority improvements identified in the Plan. The needs analysis is based on multiple data sources to rank highway segments on Level of Traffic Stress (LTS), low stress connectivity (permeability), collision history, and potential bicycling demand. Improvements are classified by prioritization categories of: top tier, mid tier, and low tier. More information on the needs analysis and improvement prioritization is available in the Documents section.

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Planning Process

The planning process for the Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan was informed by input from stakeholders and the public. Key tasks included:

  • Public outreach
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Data collection – existing conditions
  • Needs analysis – demand and challenges for bicycling
  • Project identification
  • Project prioritization
  • Draft and Final Plan Report
View the Process and Schedule Graphic to learn about the schedule and planning process.