Safety Enhancement Project on State Route 82 (El Camino Real) Continues Across Various Cities in San Mateo County


Red curbs being painted to help pedestrians, cyclists safely navigate SR-82

SAN MATEO COUNTY- Caltrans is continuing a safety enhancement project in various cities on or near State Route 82 (El Camino Real). The project includes installing accessible pedestrian signals (APS) and countdown pedestrian signals (CPS) at 181 locations.

Caltrans also is painting red curbs from crosswalks to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Adding the red curbs is expected to enhance the sight lines between a pedestrian waiting to cross at the crosswalk and approaching traffic. Because of the safety enhancements, some parking spots are being removed.

The areas are as follows:

  • The five locations in Belmont are on NB Harbor Boulevard, NB O’Nell Avenue, NB and SB Middle Road and NB Davey Glen Road.
  • The three locations in San Mateo are on Barneson Avenue, Hobart/12th Avenue, and 9th Avenue on NB SR-82.
  • The two locations in Burlingame are on NB and SB Murchison Drive.
  • The eight locations in Millbrae are Hillcrest Boulevard, Silva Avenue, Meadow Glen Avenue, Park Place/Santa Inez Avenue on NB and SB SR-82.
  • The seven locations in San Bruno are SB San Felipe Avenue, SB Crystal Springs Avenue, NB Taylor/San Mateo, NB and SB Jenevein Avenue, SB Commodore/Tanforan, and SB Citation Avenue.
  • The four locations in South San Francisco are NB and SB County Club Drive and NB and SB Ponderosa Drive.
  • The nine locations in Daly City are SB School Street, NB Bismark Street, SB Citrus Avenue, NB and SB Westlake/Eastlake, NB and SB Hillcrest Drive and NB and SB Flournoy Street.
  • The three locations in Colma are NB F Street West and Alberi M. Teglia Boulevard (NB and SB).
  • There is one location in unincorporated San Mateo County, on NB A Street near Colma and Daly City.

Caltrans realizes that this project affects residents and businesses along El Camino Real but is confident that the improvements will increase safety across the county.

There are nine other routes in San Mateo County where safety enhancements are being implemented.

Caltrans thanks motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists for their patience while we work to maintain our state's highways, bridges, and tunnels.

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