Three-Day Closure of Gilman Street Between Second and Fourth Streets in Berkeley Postponed


(In Case of Rain or Unforeseen Developments, Dates Will be Adjusted)

ALAMEDA COUNTY ― Caltrans has POSTPONED a scheduled three-day closure of Gilman Street between Second and Fourth Streets in Berkeley.

The closure has been postponed, and is tentatively scheduled to take place toward the end of April. The public will be informed in advance when the date is definite.

When the closure does take place, access to business will be maintained and detours will be provided (see below).

The closure will accommodate work on a roundabout Caltrans is building that will enhance safety and ease congestion at the Interstate 80 Gilman Interchange.

When the closure does take place, it will be from the west side of the intersection of Fourth Street and Gilman. Traffic will be allowed in both directions on Fourth Street. The east side of the Second Street intersection with Gilman will be closed, but traffic will be allowed in both directions on Second Street.

Fifth Street from Camelia to Gilman and Camelia to Fourth through Sixth Streets will not be impacted besides possibly increased traffic from detours.

In the case of rain or unanticipated developments, the closure dates will be adjusted, and the public will be notified.

Caltrans has also scheduled to close Gilman Street for 50 days between Fourth Street and Second Street in Berkeley on May 2 to June 21, 2023. Traffic advisory will be provided prior to the scheduled 50-day closure.

Caltrans thanks pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists for your patience as we work to improve the Gilman intersection. Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to the traveling public.

Signage will be provided to guide cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.


Westbound Traffic on Gilman Street
Turn left on Fourth Street
Right on Camelia Street
Right on Second Street
Left back onto Gilman Street

Eastbound Traffic on Gilman Street
Turn right on Second Street
Turn left on Camelia Street
Left on Fourth Street
Turn right back onto Gilman Street


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