2021-04-22 Caltrans Marks Earth Day 2021 with Litter Clean-Up Event


District: Caltrans District Four Bay Area
Contact: Janis Mara
Phone: (510) 715-9291
Website: https://dot.ca.gov/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaltransD4

Caltrans is holding litter clean-ups in the Bay Area to mark Earth Day on Thursday, April 22.

WHAT: This trash abatement effort highlights the department’s priority to remove litter and debris that has accumulated rapidly on the transportation system during the pandemic. Waste management companies estimate that Californians generated 30 to 40 percent more trash per day in 2020—some of which ended up on the highways. 

The event will take place on well-traveled stretches of local roadway to remind travelers to dispose of litter responsibly and to always secure cargo loads before hauling material.

WHO: - Caltrans Maintenance Crews from D4 – Bay Area

Caltrans Maintenance Personnel: Department crews invest significant time and resources collecting, recycling, and disposing of litter and hazardous waste each year. In 2020 alone, crews collected 287,000 cubic yards of litter – enough to fill 18,000 garbage trucks.  

California Highway Patrol (CHP): Officers actively enforce California’s anti-littering laws, ticketing motorists seen littering the highways or driving with unsecured cargo loads. Last year, CHP officers issued more than 3,100 citations for littering.

Special Peoples Program (SSP): A Caltrans work mentoring program providing temporary litter collection jobs and life skills training to parolees and veterans. In 2020, SPP members removed more than 86,000 cubic yards of litter from California highways, or about 5,400 garbage trucks.

Adopt-A-Highway (AAH): Volunteer partners consist of conscientious individuals, organizations, and businesses that help remove litter from their “adopted” sections of roadside. Since its inception in 1989, AAH has removed litter from more than 15,000 miles of highway shoulder.

Keep California Beautiful (KCB): A non-profit organization dedicated to waste management, beautification, and community outreach.


Thursday, April 22, 2021 


San Mateo County

  • Litter pick up Hwy 101 From Whipple to University
  • Sweep ramps San Bruno 380 area

San Francisco County

  • Litter pick up 101 Hospital Curve
  • Litter pick up 280 @ Monterey
  • Litter pick up 280 @ Mariposa

Santa Clara County

  • Litter pick up 101 between Bernal Rd and Cochrane
  • Litter pick up 680 between Alum Rock and Scotts Creek

Alameda County

  • Litter pick up 880 at the Hegenberger Road interchange

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