UPDATE State Route-220 J-Mack Ferry Back In Service


District: Four - Oakland 
Contact: Pedro Quintana 
Phone: (510) 867-6028
Email: Pedro.Quintana@dot.ca.gov

UPDATE State Route-220 “J-Mack Ferry” Back In Service After Undergoing Maintenance Repairs.

(SOLANO COUNTY)—The State Route 220 (SR-220) “J-Mack Ferry” is back in service after undergoing maintenance repairs earlier this week.

The Delta’s companion ferry, SR-84 Real McCoy Ferry can also be used for crossings, which are scheduled every 20 minutes; on the hour, 20 minutes after the hour, and 40 minutes after the hour.

Both ferries are currently operating.

For the latest information, call the Caltrans Ferry Update Line at (510) 622-0120.

Motorists can also find additional information on Caltrans’ Delta Ferries webpage: https://bit.ly/31RTaTO

Map of ferries

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