Caltrans Continues Work on Harbor Bay Bridge Project Starting Monday Night


District: 4 – Oakland 
Contact: La-Tanga Hopes 
Phone: (510)715-8865 

Caltrans Continues Work on Harbor Bay Bridge Project 
         Starting Monday Night – February 8, 2021 at PM

Marin County – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will continue working on the Harbor Bay Bridge Project located at the northbound off-ramp on US Highway 101 in the City of San Rafael starting Monday night-February 8, 2021.  The construction team will perform removal and eventual replacement work on the bridge using new and innovative construction technology, which will help move the project along at a faster pace.   Additional project work will include construction improvements at 2nd and Irwin Street as well.

There will be a series of lane and full ramp closures throughout the project along with a significant amount of temporary lane shifts and changes also.  Motorists are advised to drive with caution and follow all posted directions.  Traffic advisories and detour routing options will be utilized to keep the public and all motorists updated, safe,  and thoroughly informed throughout the life of the project.

Weekly closures and detours will be sustained throughout the life of the project:  In exception  to weekly closures, isolated events and road events will be supported by additional traffic advisories as well.
Closure Details
Monday – Thursday 
  2 lane closure from 9PM -11PM
  Full ramp and all lane closure 11PM – 6AM the following mooring,

  2 lane closure from 9PM - 11pm
   Full closure from 11:45PM – 6AM Saturday morning.

  2 lane closure 8PM – 11PM.
  Full closure from 11:45PM – 8AM Sunday morning.

Closure Details Continued

  2 lane closure from 8 PM –11PM.
  Full ramp closure 11PM – 6AM Monday morning.

Detour Plans

DETOUR PLAN: Northbound (NB)Route 101 Off-Ramp Closure at Central
  Continuing along Northbound US Highway 101-
  Take the NB Loop (off-ramp) to N. San Pedro RD. 
  Turn Right onto N. San Pedro Rd.
  Make another Right onto Merrydale Rd.
  Connect with Southbound (SB) US Highway 101 until Wesson Ave off-ramp exit.
  Continue on Hetherton St.
  Turn Left onto 2nd St.

Continues Work on Harbor Bay Bridge Project map 1

  DETOUR PLAN:  Northbound (NB) Route 101 off-ramp closure at Central San Rafael.
  Via Francisco Blvd. exit, make a Right onto Bellam Blvd; followed by a Left onto Francisco Blvd;.
  Then, Right on Grand Ave.

Continues Work on Harbor Bay Bridge Project map 2


Traffic Control Measures

Standard traffic control measures will include:  Traffic Cones, Barricades, Crash Cushion Trucks, and portable changeable message signs (PCMS’s).  California Highway Patrol (CHP) will also be on location, patrolling the scene and enforcing traffic ordinances.