Sonoma County Highway 1 Updates For Emergency Repair Projects - September 6


September 6, 2019

Caltrans has initiated emergency repair projects along Sonoma Highway 1 to address roadway deterioration caused by storm damage and continued coastal erosion. What's happened the weekend of September 6, 2019.

Upcoming Work:08-15-2019 Sonoma 1 Repairs Update Map

  1. SON – Bodega Bay (PM 11.2): The SB direction headwall footing & wall concrete has been placed. The NB direction headwall footing has been excavated with an anticipated footing concrete pour next week. One-way traffic control in effect for all night work. Flaggers will be onsite during day time work to assist trucks and equipment entering/exiting work site. Culvert installation to begin next week. Work scheduled, Sun thru Sat. Night work will be 6:30PM - 7:00AM.
  2. SON – Gleason Beach (PM 15.4): As of Friday August 30th, the roadway is open to regular two-way traffic when no construction operations are being performed. Pile installation work started on Tuesday, September 3rd. The Contractor will implement one-way traffic control with flaggers next week while wall construction activities are being performed. The work schedule, Mon thru Sat, 7 AM to 7 PM.
  3. SON – Jenner (PM 22.64): Work is anticipated to repair slide and improve drainage.
  4. SON – Jenner (PM 24.2): One- way traffic control in place. Soldier pile wall installation, next 6 weeks.
  5. SON – Salt Pt. State Park (PM 38.64): Work is anticipated to repair slide.

What to expect

A traveler can expect 5 minute delays at Locations 2 through 5.
Please drive cautiously through the construction zone, leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you, and Slow for the Cone Zone. -

Other Sources

Please visit or the Caltrans QuickMap for real-time info on travel conditions.
Bodega Bay businesses along Highway 1 are open for business.
Caltrans thanks you for your patience as we work to maintain California’s highways.

Caltrans Public Information Officers:

Alejandro Lopez: (510)-286-5445
RocQuel Johnson: (510) 286-4948