2019-08-23 State Route SR-121 Soscol Avenue


District: Four - Oakland
Contact: Janis Mara
Phone: (510) 622-5978

Traffic Pattern Change in Napa At the Tulucay Bridge August 28-29, 2019

(NAPA)—Caltrans has scheduled to close one lane of Soscol Avenue in each direction at the Tulucay Bridge in Napa overnight August 28-29 for lane re-striping on the bridge.

One lane in each direction on the bridge is scheduled to close at 10:00 PM Wednesday, August 28, re-opening at 7:00 AM Thursday. The two northbound lanes on the bridge will be reconfigured with a space in between them to accommodate ongoing work on the bridge (see map below). Also, concrete barriers will be placed between the northbound lanes.

2019-08-23 Tulucay Bridge Repair Map

The purpose of the lane reconfiguration and concrete barrier placement is to accommodate ongoing repair work on the bridge. Upon completion of the striping work, all four lanes on the bridge are scheduled to remain open during the repair work, except for intermittent short temporary closures.

There will be a speed reduction in the work area from the posted 35 mph to 25 mph. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and observe the reduced speed limit.