Yuba 65 CAPM & Drainage

Project Description:

Near Olivehurst, from South Beale Road to Route 70.  Rehabilitate pavement and drainage systems, and upgrade guardrail, signs, Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and lighting, and add acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Project Location Map: 

Map of South beale Rd to route 70


The purpose of this project is to restore and improve the existing pavement condition
and extend the life of transportation infrastructure. The project will also preserve and
restore existing drainage systems from fair and poor to good condition, bring TMS
elements, MGS, and two-post signs up to current standards within the project limits.


This segment of SR 65 is a Class II facility with both flexible and rigid pavement from
PM 4.0 to PM R9.38. Based on the pavement assessment, Alligator B Cracking will
increase from the current Automated Pavement Condition Survey (APCS) 0.29% to
4.83%, and the 3rd stage cracking will increase from the current APCS 6.88% to 9.34%
by the construction year of 2026. The International Roughness Index (IRI) will increase
from 78% to 94% by 2026.

Culvert assessment indicates that multiple culverts are in fair and poor condition. There
are twenty-five culverts identified within the project limits in need of rehabilitation.
Drainage systems in fair or poor condition require rehabilitation or replacement to
restore functionality. A 42” diameter 132’ Reinforce Concrete Pipe (RCP) under
McGowan Pkwy Overcrossing, located in the SB outside shoulder of SR 65 mainline,
needs rehabilitation. 10’ (LF) of the 42” RCP needs replacement due to excessive high
ground water leaking through worn-out pipe joints.

Nonstandard curb ramps, Metal Beam Guard Rail (MBGR), two-post signs, and detector
loops TMS elements have been identified as not conforming to the current standard.
Additional priority items such as sidewalk, lighting, acceleration, and deceleration lanes
were added through PDT change memos for this project. 


The project is programmed into the 2022 State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP) under the program code 20.XX.201.121 and 40.XX.201.121 – Pavement Preservation Program.

Cost Estimate: 

Support Cost  $5,140,000
 Capital Cost  $221,690,000
Total Project Cost 
 $ 26,830,000


Project Approval & Environmental Document November 21, 2023
Design Completed August 2025
Advertise Project  November 2025
Begin Construction February 2026
Complete Construction December 2026

Project Contacts:

John Bamfield, Project Manager, (530) 720-9938; John.Bamfield@dot.ca.gov
Megan Reese, Public Information Officer, (530)682-6145; Megan.Reese@dot.ca.gov