Yolo I-80 Pavement Rehab Project

Yolo Pavement Rehab

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Funding Program

 0314000233  4F650  03  Yolo  80/50  SHOPP 201.120


Project Description: 
In and near West Sacramento, from 1.4 miles east of Mace Boulevard to Sacramento River Bridge; also on Route 50, from Route 80 to Jefferson Boulevard Overcrossing (PM 0.0/2.5).  Rehabilitate roadway by placing Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) overlay, rehabilitate ramps, upgrade existing barriers and guardrail to concrete barrier, rehabilitate bridge decks, bridge median widening at two locations, upgrade bridge railings, replace overhead sign structures, and install fiber optic lines. This project will improve safety and ride quality.

Project Location Map:
map of project area I-80

Purpose And Need: 

The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate and restore the pavement to a state of good repair.
The existing PCC pavement has surpassed its service life. The condition of the pavement has degraded resulting in a poor quality of ride and increasing maintenance for repair and preservation of the pavement.

This project was programmed in the 2020 SHOPP and has been funded with the 20.XX.201.120 Pavement Preservation Program.

Total Project Cost:
Construction Capital funding breakdown for awarded contract amount:
SB-1 funds = $47,000,000
Federal funds = $188,520,300


Project Approval & Environmental Document


Design Completed


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Begin Construction


Complete Construction

May 2026

Gurtej Bhattal, Project Manager, (530)720-6153; Gurtej.Bhattal@dot.ca.gov  
Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer, (916)825-5252; Dennis.Keaton@dot.ca.gov