State Routes 51, 99 Fiber Optic Project

Project Facts


In Sacramento County on State Route (SR) 51, from the 50/99/51 separation to approximately 0.1 mile south of Fort Sutter Viaduct; also on SR 99 from Grant Line OC to Junction 50/51. Install fiber optic communication systems. (Sac-99 PM 10.0/R24.3; Sac-51 PM 0.0/0.13)

Project Benefits

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to improve transportation communication performance through installation of a fiber optic system.

NEED: There is a need to upgrade the performance and maintenance requirements of the existing communication system for the Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) by installing a system with lower operational costs and improved communication speeds.

Funding Breakdown

The Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) support component was programmed at the August 2017 CTC meeting from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP). Design, Right of Way and Construction components are expected to be funded from California SB1's Trade Corridor Enhancement Program.

Cost Estimate

Support Cost: $3,050,000
Capital Cost: $9,100,000
Total Project Cost: $12,150,000

Project Schedule

Project Approval & Environmental Document: 4/1/2019
Design Completed: 1/18/2021
Advertise Project: 3/1/2021
Begin Construction: 5/17/2021
Complete Construction: 11/7/2022



Project Contact

Eric DeLong, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 740-4858

Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer
Phone: (916) 825-5252


SR 51-99 Fiber Optic Map (PDF) 


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