State Route 162 Oroville Rehabilitation

Project Description: 

In and near Oroville, from Feather River Bridge to Foothill Boulevard.  Rehabilitate pavement and drainage systems, upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, upgrade signs and guardrail, and modify or replace signals and lighting.

Project Location Map: 

state route 162 map     orange line map

This project will perform pavement maintenance along SR 162 between PM 15.6 to PM 18.5. Further, the project will extend the service life of drainage systems by rehabilitating systems that are rated as fair or poor condition; improving signs to current standards; and upgrading nonstandard ADA curb ramps to current standards.

The pavement within this segment of SR 162 is projected to be in fair condition by the construction year of 2025. The existing pavement is expected to further deteriorate in the absence of proper action.  Alligator cracking for flexible pavement is expected to increase by the construction year of 2025. 

Maintenance has indicated that multiple culverts are in fair or poor condition, which jeopardizes the stability of the existing roadbed. Drainage systems in fair or poor conditions require rehabilitation or replacement to restore functionality. 

Signs and Striping 
Signing and striping have been identified as requiring replacement to current standards. New striping of crosswalks and lanes will be required after the proposed pavement maintenance. Signs that will be affected by curb ramp placement, cold plane, or traffic signal construction will have standard replacements. 

ADA and Complete Streets Elements 
The majority of existing curb ramps do not comply with ADA requirements and need to be upgraded. Multiple gaps exist between sidewalk sections that need to be filled in. Various residential and commercial driveways within the project limits are non-standard and require reconstruction to accommodate ADA travel paths.

This project was programmed in the 2022 SHOPP under the program code 20.XX.201.121 Pavement Preservation (CAPM) and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Cost Estimate: 
Support Cost: $4,484,000
Capital Cost: $21,493,000
Total Project Cost: $25,977,000
Project Approval & Environmental Document  October 17,2023 
Design Completed  December 2024
Advertise Project
 February 2025
Begin Construction  May 2025
Complete Construction   December 2026
Project Contacts
Cameron Knudson
Project Manager
(530) 218-1820
Megan Reese 
Public Information Officer
(530) 682-6145