State Route 99 Gridley Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Project Facts


This project is located between West Liberty Road and the Stapleton-Pence Packing Company (postmile 3.1 to 5.0).  Work includes:

  • Rehabilitating the existing roadway
  • Constructing new 8- foot sidewalk with 3-foot landscaping from West Liberty Road to the Dollar General store
  • Removing existing sidewalk and constructing new 8-foot sidewalk with 3-foot landscaping from Dollar General to Standish Lane
  • Installing 5-foot sidewalk with curb and gutter from Standish Lane to the existing sidewalk and curb  and gutter in front of Stapleton-Spence Packing Company at the northern project limits
  • Installing new drainage system from W Liberty Road to Dollar General
  • Installing a closed circuit television highway camera at the intersection of SR-99 and East Gridley Road
  • Installing loop detection

Project Benefits

This project will rehabilitate the existing roadway with a 20-year design life to reduce maintenance expenditures due to pavement deterioration, rehabilitate culverts, upgrade curb ramps to current Americans with Disabilities Act standards and install traffic management system elements.

Funding Breakdown

Estimated Total Project Cost - $25 million in federal and state funds        

Project Schedule

 Circulate Draft Environmental Document  Winter 2022
 Project Approval and Environmental Document  Spring 2022
 Advertise Project  Spring 2024
 Begin Construction  Summer 2024
 Complete Construction  Spring 2026


Project Contacts

Chris Ladeas, Project Manager
(530) 701-1305


Gilbert Mohtes-Chan, Public Information Officer
(530) 682-6145