I-80 Blue Canyon Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Caltrans proposes to improve the safety, reliability, and freight mobility of Interstate 80 (I-80) in Placer County at three locations from east of Crother Road to Nyack Road. Proposed improvements include a truck-climbing lane and pavement rehabilitation on eastbound I-80. To accommodate the truck-climbing lanes, the roadway will be widened and two structures, the Blue Canyon undercrossing (Br #19-0115R) and the W Paoli Lane/Weimar overcrossing (Br #19-0082), will be replaced with wider structures. The project also will improve drainage systems, address inadequate roadside lighting, upgrade the median barrier, improve Traffic Management System (TMS) elements in the eastbound direction, and construct a wildlife crossing box culvert.

The existing pavement is exhibiting signs of distress and will continue to deteriorate without action. Culverts within the project limits have also been in a steady deteriorating condition requiring rehabilitation and/or replacement to prevent further damage to the existing roadbed. Signs, lighting, and TMS elements are in poor condition along this segment of the roadway. Numerous collisions resulting from wildlife crossings were also reported along the roadway. Traffic within the project limits is subject to substantial delays from heavy truck traffic on the mainline, resulting in rear-end collisions, loss in level of service, and decreased operational efficiency of this corridor.


  • Truck climbing lane for freight
  • Improved safety and traffic flow
  • Smoother rehabilitated pavement
  • Improved lighting and drainage
  • Reduced wildlife conflicts
  • Upgraded median barrier
  • Provide additional travel communication

$118.5 Million

Project Approval & Environmental Document
Spring 2023
Design Complete:
Summer 2024
Advertise Project:
Summer 2024
Begin Construction:
Fall 2024
Complete Construction:
Fall 2027

map of I-80 project area

Sean Shaw, Project Manager, (530) 923-3924 | Sean.M.Shaw@dot.ca.gov
Jeremy Linder, Public Information Officer, (530) 701-5209 | jeremy.linder@dot.ca.gov