Interstate 80 Alta Pavement Improvement Project

Project Description:

This project proposes to preserve and extend the service life of the pavement along Interstate 80 (I-80) between Colfax and Alta, from east of State Route 174 (SR-174) separation to east of the Alta Road undercrossing. This project will also rehabilitate drainage systems and upgrade guardrails, signs and Transportation Management System (TMS) elements. 

Project Map:

map of i80 alta project

Purpose And Need:


The purpose of this project is to preserve and extend the service life of the existing pavement and drainage systems and to improve safety, operations and mobility of freight and the traveling public on I-80. The project proposes to address existing pavement in poor and fair condition with capital maintenance strategies to extend the service life of the roadway. It also proposes to restore the functionality of drainage systems in poor and/or fair conditions to prevent further damage to the roadbed that supports the pavement. Additionally, the project proposes to extend the lane separation taper at the SR-174 separation eastbound off-ramp and the eastbound truck-climbing lane at the Long Ravine Bridge to help improve operations and safety by facilitating movement around slow-moving trucks whose speeds drop due to the sustained grade. It will also provide space for maintenance, law enforcement and emergency operations. Other work includes rehabilitating and upgrading TMS elements, signs, lighting, guardrails and vegetation control to current standards to improve mobility, safety and traffic operations.  


The existing pavement is exhibiting major signs of distress and will continue to deteriorate without proper action. Drainage systems within the project limits have also been deteriorating and, if left unaddressed, will jeopardize the stability of the roadbed. The volume of heavy freight traffic along with the sustained steep grade at times leads to substantial delays due to the slowdown of trucks. This leads to significant speed differentials between fully loaded trucks and empty trucks as well as passenger vehicles. The limited opportunity to pass slower vehicles induces speeding and reckless driving that compromises the safety of all motorists along this segment of the I-80 corridor. Existing shoulder widths do not provide sufficient space to accommodate disabled vehicles, emergency vehicles and enforcement activities. This also compromises the safety, operations and mobility along this segment of the I-80 corridor. Several TMS elements, lights, signs, guardrails and vegetation controls need to be upgraded to current standards.

Cost Estimate:

 Support Cost $9,970,000 
 Capital Cost  $27,930,000
 Total Project Cost  $37,900,000

Project Schedule:

Project Approval & Environmental Document September 2024
Design Completed May 2025
Advertise Project September 2025
 Begin Construction December 2025
 Complete Construction  November 2026

Project Comments:

The environment document, referred to as a Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration is available for review from June 11, 2024 to July 11, 2024. You can view the document online at CEQAnet Web Portal. Please submit written comments to Caltrans District 3, Attn: M5 Branch Chief, 703 B Street, Marysville, CA 95901. Comments may also be submitted online by filling out the public comment card.

Project Contacts:

Sean Shaw, Project Manager
(530) 923-3924

Jeremy Linder, Public Information Officer
(530) 701-5209