I-5 HOV Lane Project

Project Facts


The Phase 1 of this project will construct approximately 19 miles of bus/carpool lanes on I-5 in the Sacramento area, from Beach Lake Bridge to Route 50 (PM 12.9/22.5). Phase 2 will construct 6 miles of bus/carpool lanes from 1.1 mile south of Elk Grove Blvd to Beach Lake Bridge (PM 9.7 / 12.9). Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been environmentally cleared.

Project Benefits

  • Improve traffic operations by reducing congestion and travel time
  • Provide more reliable peak period travel times for commuters, transit agencies and businesses
  • Improve efficiency of regional and inter regional trips, and
  • Provide travel time incentives for commuters to use carpools, van pools or buses in peak travel periods

Funding Breakdown

Local - $33.2 million
State – N/A
Federal - $8.5 million
Estimated Total Project Cost - $71.7 million ($30 million unfunded)
NOTE: This estimate is based on the assumption that this project will be combined with SAC 5 Rehabilitation Project.

Project Schedule

Project Approval & Environmental Document - June 2013
Complete Design - March 2018
Advertise Project (if funds are available) - June 2018
Begin Construction (if funds are available) - October 2018
Complete Construction (if funds are available) - December 2022


Caltrans, SACOG, STA, FHWA

Project Contact

Sutha Suthahar, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-5408
Email: sutha.suthahar@dot.ca.gov

Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer
Phone: (916) 825-5252
Email: dennis.keaton@dot.ca.gov


Download Map (PDF)